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Template:'''PAGENAME''' is a British-Irish Goanimate user known for her huge fan of Naruto.


Her OCsEdit


Hatred for VGCP, EDCP and UTTPEdit

She recently made a video expressing her Opinion on the GoAnimate community. She says that it needs to stop using the "F"-word, because she says that it could offend someone. She has also said that user videos should be out of existence—as it violates Google's Terms of Use. Because of this, she gives the community 1/10.

Past controversiesEdit

MarioLeopoldSam thinks that she forces people to hate Code Lyoko. MLS R also thinks that she also forces people to hate Kill la Kill. And she owes MarioLeopoldSam Roblox 5 years of GoPremium. This is not true. She has also been Attacked by Patrick1100 Due to making an Execution video out of him and BlueMetalFan1993.
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Lucky Star Mortal Kombat imposter controversyEdit

Sometime unknown, CoolGamer23 added middle names from his game Super Smash Keyboards, to theme them to his parodies. Also, Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 makes grounded videos out of Kagami Hiiragi. She has also mistaken Kenshi Loopsy's middle name for a Lucky Star character's name. It turns out to be named after Leonard Slikk, The Angry German Kid's brother in some parodies.